Book: Work Well



A perfect world would be nice—but business does not function in a perfect world. As a result, multitudes of people are miserable in their jobs and tired of a toxic work environment. Most feel powerless to change their circumstances and resign themselves to functioning within the dissatisfaction of corporate culture. People are not machines and do not behave as programmable entities. Management and executives often forget that. But people are the key to taking any business to its ultimate potential.

There is a path to a healthier, less dysfunctional workplace. There is a way to transform a toxic environment into a noble culture where there is fulfillment instead of frustration, hope instead of despair, affirmation instead of criticism, and cooperation instead of chaos. Whether you are a senior executive or a staff employee, work for a large company or run a small business, we all have something to learn. If you are one of those discouraged employees (at any level in the business) who feel like your work environment is sucking the life out of you—this book is for you! Work Well will guide you through the process to effect and sustain positive change in your work environment.


About the Author

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Dwight Wegman holds a B.S. from Drexel University in Materials Engineering and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Lehigh University. He began his industrial career over 35 years ago and has held positions in R&D, Manufacturing, and Technology managing both factory and professional employees. Mr. Wegman is now an international engineering consultant in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has observed many types of work cultures and environments over his career and shares his insights as to how to transform a toxic work culture into one that enables both company and employee to thrive and prosper.

Dwight D. Wegman has more than 35 years managing both factory and professional employees and is now an international engineering consultant in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. His observations of many types of work environments has led to keen insights to transform a toxic work culture into one that enables both company and employees to thrive and prosper.



This book is a great read and serves as a reminder of what the most important asset a company has in building a successful team and strategy—its employees. I have had the pleasure of working with Dwight as a colleague for many years, and he is absolutely spot on with his assessment that “culture trumps strategy every time.” Winning companies instill and support a focus on honor and personal responsibility by all levels of their workforce.


Specialty Steel Industry Executive  

Peppered with thought-provoking and introspective questions, Dwight Wegman reminds us that “the culture of your organization will always be crucial, but rarely urgent.” Yet, it is our personal responsibility every day to work towards building a noble culture. This book is a quick read about organizations’ most important and often over-looked asset: culture.


Finance Executive, Former CEO, and Corporate Board Member

No matter how unpleasant a circumstance may be, we are never without power to affect some change. Work Well is a practical guide to sustainable change in work culture. The questions posed by Wegman are insightful, and when considered thoughtfully, will lead the reader to challenge themselves about what role they can play in bringing and sustaining transformation in their work environment.


Business Owner, Master Coach