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Our Philosophy

What enables a company to be prosperous? What is the recipe for success? It is a daily question that every business leader asks themselves in one way or another. There are many process improvement methods that are available to improve one’s business performance. Most companies have a history of implementing many different improvement initiatives only to be left disappointed because the results underachieved or were not sustainable. So, we are all left searching for the missing ingredient that will enable us to achieve our potential and distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Optimum Melt and Process Solutions, LLC proposes there are three components that must be synchronized together to achieve superior results. First, you need to define the optimum process. If you do not have a sound step by step process that consistently delivers a predictable and successful result, then you will experience inferior results. Therefore, we seek to define the optimum process so that it is fundamentally and technically sound. Second, there is the proper execution of the process. Even if you have defined the optimum process, if you cannot execute it properly on a consistent basis, you will achieve inferior results. Finally, there is the workforce component. People are the ingredient of the success recipe that must be mixed with the optimum process and its execution.

First, the optimum process needs to be defined. Optimum Melt and Process Solutions, LLC starts by partnering with you and your workforce to define the optimum step by step melting procedure/process that will deliver the optimum result for your product. This procedure becomes the foundation for a quality product. Melters know very little can be done in subsequent processing to improve an ingot that is of inferior quality. A properly melted and cast product is essential for a successful product.

Next, we must focus on the execution of the optimum process. We work with you and your workforce to establish consistency in the execution of the optimum process. Deviations from the standard process lead to variation that can lead to imperfections in the product. Ultimately, inferior quality becomes waste that subtracts from your company’s performance. Thus, we want to focus on how to reduce the variation in how the optimum process is executed by machine and operator.

Finally, it is essential to engage the workforce to create and sustain the process improvements. Many companies expend substantial energy on the first two aspects of process optimization – the process and manufacturing execution. Optimum Melt and Process Solutions, LLC believes the reason why many process improvement initiatives fail in the long-term is because the workforce is not properly engaged during the improvement process. The workforce oversees and executes the optimum process. Their value is inestimable. Ignoring and undervaluing their understanding and input will alienate them and they are unlikely to own the process improvement. The result? The process will likely revert to the established manufacturing state. However, if they are engaged at each step of the improvement process and their input is valued, they are much more likely to become allies in making and maintaining improvements. Your process is only as strong as its weakest link. Ignore that weak link and your performance will suffer. The importance of engaging the workforce should not be underestimated. It will make or break your company’s performance. Operator, metallurgist, millwright, electrician, supervisor, and manager must all be part of the process because each plays a critical role in defining and executing the optimum process. Each plays a vital role in your success.

Optimum Melt and Process Solutions will help you, our customer to improve your performance as you prescribe. The scope of the work is defined by you, the customer.